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Are Essential Oils Safe for My Pet?

October 18, 2017

Essential oils are one of the biggest developments in health and wellness. Many faithful oil users report increased energy, decreased pain and an overall sense of vitality. But are essential oils okay to use on your four legged friends when they appear to have health issues?

Essential oil considerations

Essential oils (EO) are highly concentrated aromatic compounds that are derived from plants. When choosing oils, for pets or humans, it is important to remember that not all oils are made from the same quality. Find out if the EO has been third party tested, is of pharmaceutical grade, and if it is safe to be used either topically or internally. EO’s that contain extender or additional substances could be toxic to your pets. Additionally, those that are labeled “for aromatic use only” should also be avoided.

Are EOs Safe for pets?

Essential oils can be used safely around many types of pets. Larger animals such as horses typically tolerate them when used in same manner as humans, however smaller pets may be more sensitive and require a bit more caution.

Birds – your feathered friends are very sensitive to EO’s and might benefit most from water diffusion.

Cats – Felines do not have a liver enzyme that assists metabolism. Because of this they are sensitive to many oils high in ketones, phenois and d-limonene. Contact your veterinarian for a complete list of oils to avoid.

Dogs – In general, the smaller the dog, the more the EO should be diluted. Many vets suggest avoiding Melaleuca, birch camphor and wintergreen oils on dogs.

Small pets – Many of these so-called “pocket pets” have very sensitive digestive tracts. Because of this it is important to avoid oils with antibacterial properties as it could upset their digestive balance.

Other considerations when using EO’s on your pets include

  •      Seizure disorders
  •      Bleeding disorders
  •      Pregnant or nursing animals

As is the case with humans, not all oils will impact every animal the same. Always talk to your veterinarian before using EO’s on your pet. In addition, be sure to use a quality carrier oil when applying to your pet’s skin, and monitor the area for any allergic reactions.

At Davis TV, we are proud to carry a full line of quality essential oils. Stop by and visit us today to learn more about their healing capabilities.

Essential Oils for Pets


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