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Best Speakers and Audio Setup for your Home

May 7, 2018

At Davis TV, we have seen the television trends over the years.  From picture tubes and projection TVs, to high definition and 4K televisions, we have seen the gamut. It is common to see a potential buyer versed in mind-bending electronic jargon, complete with acronyms and knowledge of the latest technology that matters.  Our customers are smart and plugged in. Yet what we often see overlooked in this process is a lack of knowledge regarding televisions speakers and audio setup.  

And who could blame our customers? When you’re eyeing a High Definition or 4K television, it is hard to move beyond the main stage and look at the surrounding accessories, most often in the form of speakers. Despite putting hours of research into their television purchase, buyers are often satisfied with selecting random speakers off our shelves, satisfied with the purchase.  Speakers are just as critical of a decision as the television. When deciding, think about the following:

  • Viewing habits.  Think about how you watch television.  Do you live for surround sound? We will take into account your viewing habits, as that speaks to the aesthetics and sound quality, and size of your speakers.   
  • Size of room. We ask our customers about their room dimensions.  This isn’t because we want to sell the largest speakers possible, we are trying to determine what effect your room characteristics will have on your speaker’s sound.  
  • Speaker placement.  If you’re looking at an entertainment cabinet, you will want to stay away from a large bookshelf or monitor speaker that produce lots of bass. You also may want to look beyond the cabinet. Select a spot for your sub or plan on looking for a sub with a shape that will make it easy to tuck away in a hidden spot.
  • Walls and floors.  Hard surfaces are a full-bodied sound enemy. However great the sound is, it will not make any difference if there are a bunch of large, smooth surfaces for that sound to reflect off of. Furniture, drapes, carpet, and plants break up long, hard, flat surfaces helping whatever speaker you get sound its best.  

Buying speakers is a subjective decision and shouldn’t be rushed.  Keep in mind the basics you’ll need:

  • A home theater receiver to power your speaker.
  • A center channel speaker that sits below or above your TV.
  • Front left and right speakers that fan your TV.  Bookshelf or floor-standing are most popular.
  • Two or four surround speakers.  
  • One or two powered subwoofers.  

Davis TV offers a wide variety of installations on our equipment.  Our installation service is not limited to the products we sell.  We are happy to install electronic equipment purchased elsewhere. Call us: (252) 291-0999.




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