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October 29, 2018

Even with the availability of stellar prices of online shopping, who doesn’t remain excited about Black Friday?  There is just something compelling and exciting about Black Friday – touching the merchandise rather then glimpsing it behind the glare of a monitor –  brings out the competitive beast in all of us. Which brings us to the number one best sellers on Black Friday –  electronics!

Davis TV has a full line of TVs, Blu-Rays and surround-sound technology. Davis TV carries best-in-class brands such as Sharp, LG, Yamaha, Onkyo, Sonos, Sanus, Niles Audio, JVC, Lorex, Q-See, Sunbrite, EHD Cables, Klipsch, Phase Technology, and Legends Furniture.

Our philosophy at Davis TV is that televisions are big investments and thus should be professionally installed. Today’s television is a complex machine.  Gone are the days where consumers did a few calibrations and then placed the television on a stand.

At Davis TV, we often see people get swept up in the Black Friday television boom and purchase their televisions from big-box outlets.  So when you get that huge deal on the OLED or 4K and you can’t help but think about a huge home theater setup, give us a call.  

Just like Black Friday gives you value and deals , we also believe that professional installation will give you the best value.  

With increasing technology and sophistication of television electronics, more homeowners are looking to outside professionals.  Other reasons include:

Toolbox factor.   Most households have a toolbox containing a hammer, screwdrivers,  and a drill. But do you have a jab saw, a cordless drill, and a stud finder?  These tools cannot completely outfit homeowners for the job. Your walls can be more complicated than they look.   

Your installation kit vs. a specialist’s installation kit.  Installation kits come with standard hardware.  You have to make your housework for those particular brackets.  Television installation professionals know what brackets can be substituted for wider or narrower ones.  Professionals are more familiar with finding areas better for viewability and structural integrity.

Where do you begin?  Installing a television unit means going through a checklist of requirements.  Mounting your television doesn’t mean choosing a spot, hanging it, and you’re done.  You have to find a spot for all views — while hiding electrical cords, sustaining height, and maximizing viewability.  Our experts will help evaluate your process to optimize your decision.

Davis TV provides a full line of home audio and video components for a first-rate home viewing experience. Contact our experts at (252) 291-0999 to design the perfect system for your specific requirements and budget and let our installation professionals set up your new home theater.   

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