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How to Reduce Glare for a Better TV Experience

June 4, 2018

Picture this: you’ve just bought a brand new TV. It’s big, the quality is amazing, and you can’t wait to watch your favorite movie on it. Once you’ve got it all set up, you sit down to relax with your favorite snack, you press play, and there it is glare. If there’s one thing that can ruin the perfect movie day, it’s an annoying glare on your TV screen. Below you’ll find a few ways you can  reduce glare for a better experience and get back to relaxing in front of your brand new TV.

Pick the Best Place for Your TV

Before you even start setting up or mounting your television, check the surroundings of the room it’ll be placed in. Know where all the light sources are coming from, whether it be light from inside your home to daylight that can come in through the blinds or curtains. While your TV may be in a room with light coming in at most times of the day, you can use the powers of observation to figure out the best place for it. Figure out the best place for it, especially before you mount it on your wall.

Find the Perfect Mount

While no spot in your house may be perfect, a new television mount can take away some of the glare during certain parts of the day. Find a mount that can tilt your TV up and down, and allow it to swivel to the left and right. Having a mount that allows you to do all this can improve your viewing experience, and really let you enjoy your brand new TV. If you’re not mounting your TV to the wall, you can also purchase a base that allows you to turn the screen to the left and right so you can avoid glare as best you can.

If you’ve just purchased a new TV, but don’t know where to install it, just call the experts at Davis TV, Inc. We offer expert installation of any home entertainment product and can help you decide on the best place to mount your new TV. If you have a new television or entertainment system that you need help setting up, give Davis TV a call today at 252-291-0999 to set up an appointment!

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