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Is a 4K OLED TV Worth the Money?

September 20, 2017

Perhaps you have heard the term 4K OLED TV but are completely unaware of what it is or if it worth the expense. Many people will tell you that OLED is the next big advancement in home entertainment. It is among the highest grade of television on the market – offering better image quality, reduced power consumption, and a faster response time as compared with traditional LED televisions. But is it worth the big price tag?

  • Image quality – The quality of the on-screen images is among the biggest advantages of OLED televisions. Some manufacturers term the image vibrancy as infinite contrast in reference to how the pixels switch off when reproducing dark colors such as black. This creates what is described as an absolute black. Additionally, the brightness and clarity of the whites in the technology allows for a crisp image clarity.
  • Smooth and responsive display – In addition to providing brilliant static images, OLED televisions are perfect for gamers as well as home theater applications.
  • Increased refresh rate – OLED televisions are said to offer one of the quickest refresh rates which is up to 1000 times faster than standard LED displays.
  • Compact size – While the screen sizes on OLED television are similar to other television sizes, the depth of the unit is much smaller, with some screens only a few millimeters deep. This smaller size makes them remarkably lighter than other televisions with similar screen widths.
  • Getting cheaper – While OLED televisions are much more expensive than other technologies, they are getting less pricey with each passing year. If this trend continues, it could mean that an OLED television will be much more affordable in the coming years.
  • More options – When OLED televisions hit the market, they were primarily offered by only two manufacturers – namely, LG and Panasonic. In recent days, Sony also offers a television with the OLED technology. This means more options for consumers down the road.

At Davis TV, we offer our customers the latest innovations in home theater electronics. If you want to learn more about OLED technology, stop by and talk to one of our sales representatives. We can help you choose the television that meets both your needs and your budget.




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