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Professional Installation Will Give You the Best Value

February 27, 2018

If you have watched the most recent Super Bowl on an older model television and are now shopping for something more sophisticated, you are not alone.  The months leading up to spring tend to be the most popular time to buy a flat screen television, second only to Black Friday sales. You may have already bought your television and your item has already arrived, waiting for you in your entranceway.  What might be holding you up is whether to tackle the process yourself or call for the professional installation.   

In the history of television, this question has been a no-brainer.  You bought the television, did a few calibrations, plugged in the unit,  and you’re all set! But in the last ten-years, with the ever increasing technology and sophistication of television electronics, more homeowners are looking to outside professionals.

The truth is, televisions have changed.   Aesthetics combined with optimizing technology are paramount to homeowners.  A home theater is more about watching the NBA playoffs or the latest installment of  Game of  Thrones.  Home theaters are sophisticated units containing software and a variety of components.  If you attempt to do the hometheater yourself, what started as a weekend DIY  project, evolves into its own mini-series.  

With that in mind, here are some reasons to go with a pro:

Lack of resources.  Most households have a toolbox.  These toolboxes usually contain a hammer, screwdrivers,  and a drill.  But do you have a jab saw, a cordless drill, and a stud finder?  Many homeowner convince themselves  that these tools can outfit them for the job.  The problem is, even with a stud finder, you cannot always find the studs in a wall.  Your walls, can be more complicated than they look.   

Your installation kit vs. a specialist’s installation kit.  If you use an installation kit, they usually come with standard hardware.  It’s possible to go with this installation kit, but keep in mind that you have to make your house work for those particular brackets.  Television installation professionals know what brackets can be substituted for wider or narrower ones.  They can also work on the spot because they are more familiar with finding areas better for viewability and structural integrity.  

Where do you begin?  Installing a television unit means going through a checklist of requirements.  Mounting your television doesn’t mean choosing a spot, hanging it, and you’re done.   Your work has just begun.  You have to find a spot for all views — while hiding electrical cords, sustaining height, and maximizing viewability.  Experts will help evaluate your process to optimize your decision.    

Time! Do-It-Yourself Installation does work…if you have the time.  Many people  want to save money and do the project on their own.   Here’s when you hear the question, are you biting off more than you can chew?  Are you really saving money when you have taken two months of your life, often missing out on weekend activities with your family, to get the job done?  

The Devil is in the Details.  Most people that embark on this do-it- yourself project of home television installation have budgets for the gears and the tools.  However, they don’t always consider the costs of the critical extras, like tools, fasteners, and wood.  You don’t want to short change your home theater by missing something. Television professionals consider mounts, stands, flooring material, and furniture.  

Davis TV provides a full line of home audio and video components for a first-rate home viewing experience. Contact our experts at (252) 291-0999 to design the perfect system for your specific requirements and budget and let our installation professionals set up your new home theater.

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