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The Big Picture: Setting up a Home Theater

November 21, 2017

With countless hours of college football, the NFL, and the Super Bowl, fall and winter are often the time homeowners decide to invest in a professionally installed home theater system.  Installing a home theater system is a big expenditure,  so you want to put as much strategic decisions into it.  Three things you need to consider.  

Size, Windows and Speakers.  

  • Size of televisions.  Think proportionally and shop for the right TV to fit your room. You want a screen that’s big enough to be enveloping, and small enough to be sharp and clear.
    • What size screen should you get? You want a horizontal viewing angle of 40-degrees from your seats. There’s an actual formula that helps you achieve this. Measure the distance of the screen to the main seat, in inches. Multiply that by .84 and you’ll get a diagonal screen size (Distance x 0.84 = Screen Size). This a maximum screen size recommendation.
    • If your seat is 72 inches from the screen, the formula would look like this: 72 x .84 = 60.4. So the maximum recommended screen is 60 inches. It’s possible for you to go larger also, it is usually just a personal preference.   Be certain you will not have to keep moving your head back and forth to keep up with the action on the screen.
  • Windows. Windows are awesome in almost every room of your house – except for a television room.  Don’t close off that window just yet – you don’t need a dark room, you need a dim room.  Most televisions will do in a dim room.  Never place your TV on a wall opposite a window.  If you have curtains or blinds, make sure they are opaque.  
    • One way to find out how susceptible a specific TV might be to windows and ambient light sources is to see how it looks in a brightly lit retail environment – stand both in front and off to either side of the screen and see how the TV handles brightly lit showroom conditions.
  • Speakers. What you want is a sound coverage pattern.  This is known as off-axis performance and that means the sound equally envelops everyone in the room.  Test the placement of the speakers and remember the center channel is the biggest challenge to a sound system.
    • Go with the highest quality speakers possibile.  Low quality speakers are prone to lobbing, which is a degradation of sound caused when speakers of the same size and shape are placed too close together.  
    • Centering: Be sure the room allows the center channel to be placed in the heart of the system. This is the source of most of the film’s dialogue.

Davis TV offers a wide variety of installations on our equipment.  Our installation service is not limited to the products we sell.  We are happy to install electronic equipment purchased elsewhere.  Call us: (252) 291-0999.

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