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The Price Vs. Quality Paradox: Why Quality Prevails

February 28, 2017

Clarence Davis opened Davis TV back in 1960 and used to display a sign that read “Cheap Is Not Good and Good Is Not Cheap.” Davis TV remains a family business and is now run by Clarence’s daughter and son-in-law, Christie and Kenny, who continue to emphasize the importance of quality. We believe that rock-bottom prices do not always yield a top-notch product. We believe in selling electronics that work like they’re supposed to and actually last.

Davis TV sees at least one customer per week bring their TV in for repair that was purchased at a discount store or online at a really low price. Often the unit is only around a year old and the customer asks us how and why it stopped working already.  Our answer? That for a manufacture to build a low price unit, quality has to be cut.

In modern day consumerism, we’re all looking for the best deal possible. It’s easy to purchase something, discard it when it breaks, and just purchase a new one. But sometimes, paying just a little bit more upfront will save you money and frustration down the road. A quality product that may cost a little more up front will last you years, even decades, and save you money in repairs or buying a brand new product. In order to shop with quality in mind over low price, you need to start with some research.

There are countless reports you can find online about the best electronics on the market. Read reviews and articles that compare models you’re interested in purchasingoften you can see clearly why the more expensive product has higher ratings. In addition to the vast resources you can find on the internet, it helps to have local experts (like the owners of a small electronics store!) who can navigate these choices with you.

Davis TV has been serving this community since 1960. Christie and Kenny have been helping customers with their electronics purchases and repairs for decades. Here at Davis TV, we have the knowledge and experience to differentiate between the low quality and quality products to help you with your purchase, and we’re committed to sell only quality products.

Give us a call at 252-291-0999 or just stop by our family-owned business. You might even get to see our store mascot, Izzy! We’ll greet you with a smile (and for Izzy, a wag of the tail!) will happily help you find the quality TV or electronic product you need.



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