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TV Mount vs. Entertainment Center

October 5, 2018

You finally decided to purchase a new television. You made your decisions about screen resolutions, inputs and connections, size, LED vs. OLED vs. QLED,  smart tv vs. live streaming. Now you need to decide whether to show it off using a TV mount or an entertainment center. The good news is that there are plenty of pros and cons to both choices.  

Entertainment Center Pros:

  • Furnishing.  It used to be chunky oak furniture housing your brand new tv.  Today, entertainment centers can be attractive, sleek pieces of furniture that tie your living room together, think a vintage dresser.
  • Storage.  We all have a lot of stuff.  Entertainment centers tend to be large pieces of furniture, so they can offer convenient storage for your media, decor, books, and toys.

Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Cons:

  • Not safe.  On average, a child dies every two weeks in TV or furniture tip-over fatalities. If you still want to use it, make sure the center and TV are fastened to the wall to prevent tipping.
  • Not one size fits all. Entertainment centers don’t work well if you don’t have enough space or the right room configuration.
  • Limited viewing height and angle.  Entertainment centers are static pieces of furniture. To alter the height of your TV for optimized viewing height, you will either need to add height to the entertainment center (which is NOT SAFE), or you’ll have to mount the TV to the wall.

Good news:  if you decide to go with a mounted television but don’t know what to do with the old center you could decide to donate it or you could always find ways to reuse it. Check out

13 ways to recycle old entertainment centers.

TV Mount Pros

  • With a TV mount, you have more freedom deciding what furniture to use because you don’t have to worry about the correct viewing height.
  • They’re safer for kids.  With the TV mounted to the wall, it’s not going to fall on your kids or pets.
  • Minimalist and modern.  TV mounts can be a stylistic choice for a minimal look.  It works well if you want a TV in your bedroom, kitchen, laundry, or game room.

TV mount

TV Mount Cons

  • No storage.  Choose a vintage dresser,  industrial lockers, or a surfboard bench.
  • Can’t hide the wires.  One of the main reasons people hesitate to buy a mount is that they don’t know what to do with the wiring.

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