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Wading Through the Best TV Options in 2017

July 21, 2017

Whether you’re looking for a basic or high-performance TV, there are many factors to consider. From screen size to connectivity options, the options can be overwhelming. This guide can help provide assistance as you wade through all the choices to find the best TV options for your home.

Screen Size

Screen size is an important consideration and has many factors that play into your final selection. First you should determine how many people will be watching the television at one time. Additionally, consider the size of the space in which the unit will reside. Once you determine these two variables, select the largest screen for your space and viewing habits. Today’s buyer typically chooses a TV between 55 and 65 inches for the typical living room.


Resolution refers to the sharpness of the television’s picture. This typically means the horizontal lines of pixels. Most television manufacturers are shifting from a standard high definition to a 4K format (also known as Ultra HD) with 4 times the pixels of a traditional HD television, giving the screen a crisper and more detailed picture.


One of the newest features of an Ultra HD television, high dynamic range (HDR) refers to the ability to deliver more colors, contrast levels and brightness to the viewing experience.

Televisions with the HDR feature are also being marketed under the moniker Ultra HD Premium.

Refresh rate

The number of times per second a television picture refreshes also known as the refresh rate. A traditional refresh rate is 60 times per second (60 Hertz);however, 120Hz is becoming an industry standard. In the end, the faster the refresh rate, the clearer and more realistic the picture.


The more connectivity the better. Today’s HD adaptable gadgets, such as Roku, gaming stations, sound bars and even a traditional laptop requires televisions to have additional connection options.


There are really only two types of televisions on the market (aside from projection televisions) – LCD and OLED. Most are light emitting diode (LED) LCD sets. They come in a wide array of prices and sizes with a variety of features. OLED TVs offer a better picture quality at a much bigger price tag.  

At Davis TV we have a variety of television options for your viewing pleasure. Stop in today and discuss your needs with our knowledgeable sales team to determine the best option for your needs.

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