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What to Look for When Shopping for a New HDTV

December 12, 2018


Most historians believe the first television appeared in 1930 and while that give us 88 years of collective televisions knowledge our shopping television experience is still the same  ⸺ overwhelming. That doesn’t mean that buying an HDTV has to be an enormous task.  Let’s point out and explain some of the more principal features of a new HDTV and what to look for when shopping.

HDTV Features


A smart TV connects you to the internet, letting you play favorite tunes, stream movies and shows.  This can be accomplished by such apps as Netflix, Vundu, and Hulu. Also, connecting with a Smart TV gives you a better picture quality. You will get more for your money than just an internet connection and the apps that are combined with it.

Screen Size

Do you need a 70″ set or will a 32″ one suffice? It depends. Take a  few measurements to ensure it’s a good fit.

One way to decide screen size is to base it off optimal viewing distance. 1)  The end result will tell you how big of a screen you need. 2) Or you can use an online viewing distance calculator as the one found right here.  It is recommended to go with a screen size of at least  45” for bedrooms, 50″ for most living rooms.

Screen Resolution

Resolution refers to how many pixels make up the picture on a TV.  The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture on your screen.

A picture with full HD, 1080p resolution, is 1,920 columns of pixels wide and 1,080 rows of pixels high, totaling 2,073,600 pixels.  Ultra HD TVs carry four times the amount of pixels as 1080p sets, meaning images and text on the screen will be sharper.


You’ll need these ports if you need your TV for more than live programming with your cable box.

  • HDMI ports: Used to stream audio and HD video. Most TVs come with HDMI 1.4 ports, but you’ll need HDMI 2.0 ports for 4K TVs. You’ll also want enough ports to accommodate gaming consoles.
  • USB ports: You’ll need these to access images of multimedia files from a thumb drive, or you can use them to power streaming devices.
  • A/V jacks: You can use these to connect a DVD player to your TV.
  • Coaxial cables: You’ll need these to connect cable boxes and antennas.

Davis TV provides a full line of home audio and video components for a first-rate home viewing. We can design the perfect system for your specific requirements.  Let our installation professionals set up your new home theater.

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