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Why HDR Matters

June 16, 2016

Our last blog dipped into the exciting new world of 4K UHD televisions. Now that you know they exist and what separates them from standard HD televisions, it’s important to also know that not all 4K TVs are created equal. This blog will delve deeper into 4K televisions and why one with HDR technology makes all the difference.

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. Essentially, it refers to an image that displays a greater range of brightness and luminosity – so dark areas of the picture will look darker while bright areas will look brighter. You’ll also see more luminance detail in shadowy, darker areas of the picture. An image’s dynamic range is the contrast between its brightest whites and darkest blacks, and HDR images boast a much greater contrast than regular images (source).

4K refers to the television having about four times as many pixels as a standard HDTV. While that may sound like a lo
t, you likely won’t notice the difference unless you purchase a 4K television with a very large screen. On the other hand, HDR isn’t about increasing the number of pixels in a screen, but rather improving the quality of the pixels that already exist. That means that HDR’s advantages are plain to see on a screen of any size.

If you’re looking for the best deal out there, think twice before settling on an entry-level model, which is likely missing the HDR technology. A top of the line HDTV will actually have a better picture than an entry-level 4K UHD television. Most TV manufacturer
s have two or three non-HDR models at a lower price point, but purchasing one of these models will not give you the true 4K HDR quality you seek.

If this all seems confusing, don’t worry! Davis TV is here to help. With our knowledge, customer service, and expertise, we can help steer you away from the pitfalls of an entry-level 4K television, and match you with a 4K HDR TV that will wow you as well as fit reasonably within your budget. Stop by our shop today!


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