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Why the Perfect Home Theater Requires Expert Installation

May 10, 2017

A home theater system can go far to create a custom viewing experience right in the comfort of your very own living room. Installing a system requires an eye for interior design as well as an understanding of wiring, component setup and many other considerations. Using a professional installer is an important part of ensuring your home theater is setup correctly for the optimal viewing experience.

Let Experience Work

High-quality visual and audio set-up requires a lot of experience and knowledge. If the components are installed improperly and not adjusted for room acoustics and optimal viewing, it will create a sub-par end result. Expert installers understand the nuances that go along with system design and setup and will be able to ensure the purest sound and video quality, to enhance your overall experience. While do-it-yourselfers can create an adequate sound, it will most likely not be optimized to the same level as an expert installation.

The right mix

Determining the right combination of speakers, monitors and projectors requires experience. An audio visual expert can help you choose the best combination for a viewing experience that will exceed your expectations.

No stress installation

Creating the ideal room layout, seating design and components to include in your home theater can be overwhelming. An expert installer can help you plan a design that will fit your space, budget and viewing requirements. Additionally, they have the right tools to ensure all wires are properly hidden, and all fixtures are mounted correctly.

A job done right

Home audio installation is not a job for just any contractor, it is the work of expert installer. While hiding wires can be done by anyone, having the expertise to know which wires to use and how to properly install them for the best possible sound and video, requires someone with home audio experience. Additionally, an expert will consider factors that go above and beyond the basic installation of home theater equipment, including room acoustics, viewing distance and calibration of components for a crystal clear picture and top-notch sound.  

At Davis TV, Inc. we provide a full line of home audio and video components for a first-rate home viewing experience. Contact our experts at 252-291-0999 to design the perfect system for your specific requirements and budget and let our installation professionals set up your new home theater.

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