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Why You Should Calibrate Your HDTV

March 29, 2018

If you purchased an HDTV but haven’t calibrated it, you aren’t getting the full picture quality that you paid for. TVs are set from the factory to look great in a store, not your home. That’s why you’ll need to calibrate your HDTV in order to get the maximum performance.

What’s wrong with the factory settings?

The factory settings on an HDTV are tuned to be brighter and bolder than competing TVs on a showroom floor. While “bright” and “bold” sound like positives, it actually makes the picture look less like what the directors of shows and movies intend.

Without calibration, the brightness and contrast are most likely too high for your viewing environment. That can make your TV draw more power than it needs and shorten its lifespan. Black levels and color can also be off, making images on your TV appear less detailed and lifelike.

To ensure you’re getting the most accurate images from your HDTV, consider hiring a professional calibrator.

Calibrating for your home

A professional calibrator will come to your home and adjust the settings on your HDTV to be as accurate and energy efficient as possible for the room it’s in. If your TV is in a bright room, the calibrator will increase the brightness and lower contrast. The opposite is true for a dimly lit room.

Then, they’ll turn their attention to color temperature. Getting this right can’t be done by eye, so the calibrator will use a tool called a spectroradiometer to get as close to the white standard as possible. Since white contains all colors, this will tune the rest of the color spectrum to display accurately.

They go through this process for each of the preset display settings on your TV and adjust or disable other settings such as the “soap opera effect” as well.

The end result

After your HDTV is calibrated, you’ll see colors more accurately and notice more fine detail. Even better, you’ll know that your HDTV is performing at its best and providing the picture you’ve wanted all along. 

Get the most out of your HDTV with professional calibration from Davis TV. Call 252-291-0999 or email davistv@earthlink.net to schedule your in-home HDTV calibration today.

Calibrate Your HDTV


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